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  1. I have not encountered the following problem with CDBurnerXP previously. You published an update since the last time I used it in the Summer of 2018, when it did not have this problem. Now, (November 2018) when I choose to create an audio disc and then scroll down through my music library on my hard drive to add files, when I click on "Burn" and the program starts preparing each track to burn to disc, it will stop at a seemingly random point down the list of songs and state that it cannot burn the remaining songs to disc. I went into your troubleshooting pages and the closest thing I could fin
  2. The option to employ "volume leveling across all tracks" during the burning process needs to be added to the options for the burner. Also, while the song and album titles will display on players that are compatible with that, when opening the burned CD on a computer, the tracks only display as "track 1, track 2, track 3", etc. - i.e., the song titles cannot be seen. CDBurnerXP needs to be updated to burn discs so the song names are visible when viewing the disc's file names. I wanted to burn a mix CD to a CD-RW blank disc so I could then erase it and burn other things later. I selected
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