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  1. Re Post 22 July: Yes and yes.......but still only shows as MB size if I choose Data disc option.
  2. I am using the latest version. Not sure where the PLAY button is.... If I choose AUdio disc the tracklist shows track length and size......the printed cover shows just the track length. Cannot use this as not compatible with car player, which is where I listen to discs.j
  3. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - been travelling. Anyway....don't ask me how but I now see the tracks on the print preview(!) Still two things: 1) How to show the track length instead of size in MB 2) To keep tracks in correct order I had to name them 01/02 etc.....but the print also adds these track numbers as 1/2/ etc. How do I omit these? Thanks
  4. nothing - it is just blank!! The CD burns ok.
  5. Burnt Data CD with .mp3 songs. No problem. Printing the cover, it prints the (self made) Cover Image BUT does not print the actual tacks, even though they show in bottom right pane. Also tried selecting all, but no difference. Am uing v - I know it should work because I have printed other covers - albeit a while ago. Any thoughts? thanks
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