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  1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program numerous times. I have tried using ISO instead of VS files. I have re-encode a video and it will be fine for two or three burns and then the same problem. I can edit a video and re-encode and all will be fine for two or three burns and then the same problem I have thrown out 150 discs and this is getting extremely frustrating and costly. I very much appreciate your assistance. Tyler
  2. Hi, When I prepare a disc with a movie on it (legal with permission to give to as many people as I want - Christian programs), the first two or three burn fine, but afterwards most if not all (depending) won't burn at all. I get a box from CDburnerxp that says likely a problem with the disc - over and over. The discs are fine. Highest quality of Sony still available. I have also tried other discs and same problem. It seems like CDburnerxp has a built in mechanism to prevent easy burning of anything after two or three. I get this over and over with numerous vi
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