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  1. For no reason this error started to appear when I try to write data. I updated the program and the problem persists, I'm using the same DVD's as always. LOG RECORD: 9/28 14:50:23.339 (34c) StarBurn Development Kit for Windows Version V15.7 'Patriot' ( 0x20170801 ) Copyright (c) Rocket Division Software 2001-2018. All rights reserved. Copyright (c) StarBurn Software 2009-2018. All rights reserved. Started - Fri Sep 28 14:50:23 2018 . 9/28 14:50:23.339 (34c) License number: 3701, licensed to Florian_Schmitz__Canneverbe_Limited_SDK_15.6_StarBurnSDK_v15_License
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