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  1. 1 hour ago, floele said:


    some texts may no longer be in the program indeed, but this is not a problem.

    "ReplayGain" is a fixed name and shouldn't need translation. It's more or less the same with the write modes. I don't think it's important to add these to translation at the moment.

    Thank you for your response.
    I don't think it is very important either.
    It is visually inconsistent, but there is nothing wrong with using the CDBurnerXP.

  2. Some strings in the Strings.resx do not match those of the CDBunerXP program, and the Strings.resx has missing strings.

    So, there are some parts displayed in English even after translation.
    For example, Replay Gain: (in Audio options), Session-At-Once, Track-At-Once, Disc-At-Once PQ (DAO 16), Disc-AT-Once PW (DAO 96) (in Device information)...

    Would you please correct Strings.resx?

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