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  1. OK. Thinking the conversion process may be messing with the song data and that it was seeking song data on line and somehow bringing in the wrong data, I disconnected from the internet. Sans an internet connection, I converted music files to WAV and then burned them. This time I didn’t get a bunch of song and artist names that were wrong. Again, the audio portion of the songs burned fine, all there and sounds great. The very little song data that made it onto the CD is correct but as you can see for most of the songs the song data did not make it onto the CD. Attached see folder scre
  2. I get my play list “Added.” All the song names and artist names are correct. I hit the Burn key. The audio burns to the CD correctly but the play list on the newly burned CD displays song names and artist names that I’ve never heard of and do not have on my computer. The correct names are not on the CD. Why? How do I stop this? Attached Pictures: The screen shot of the folder shows the correct names. The screen shot of VLC shows what got burned to the CD. Thanks in advance for your help. NOTE: I just had a thought. My digital music collection is a mix of a number of di
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