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  1. Maybe I'm not understanding what I'm looking at, but the information in the error looks contradictory: I thought I put in a blank CD-R, but the error looks like it says it's of type "CD-R" but that it's "Not writable (CD-R)" with 00:00 minutes free but is "Empty disc" (in green)... If I try to open the disc, there's nothing on it. So I don't understand what CDBurnerXP is trying to tell me exactly. I did notice that after having iTunes open randomly one day (the disc has been in my drive for over a week due to distractions), when I closed iTunes, the disc tray would pop out... I don't know why. Did iTunes mess up the CD somehow? EDIT: I pasted the image twice on accident and now I can't delete the 2nd one, so it's just a duplicate. By the way, Windows Media Player says it's empty...

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