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  1. This has been a problem on and off for maybe two ro three months. I could find no old situations like this so I'm posting this. Sorry if I do not know enough to find existing answers. I'm trying to put new data on a RW DVD. There is old data on the DVD and I try to erase it. Erase starts, goes to almost the end, and then will NOT finish. I've left it running overnight and it didn't finish. It's as if it doesn't know it's done the last delete it can do. I have a screen shot of the situation. There is no indication of where it is in the process because all that's displayed is the st
  2. A few times now I've got the attached message. I generally communicate via Ethernet cable, not WiFi. I'm on the Internet so I DO have communication capability. It would not surprise me that this had more to do with a Windows 10 update, as I apply updates when they come, but I don't KNOW that. In any case, you see what I see. There is probably a debug file somewhere that I could e-mail if I knew where the file was and your e-mail address. Thanks for any help you can give. Doug Ray
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