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  1. If you've already burn the media, perhaps with multisession, you should be able to import it. I've done this rather than saving the compilation. And I have no problems in adding a single file. I'm using DVD-RW.
  2. Too bad to read that. You should have such option, even not promoted. For example I've used cdburnerxp because the simplicity, and nowdays I could pay or donate.
  3. Hello, dear friends, I've trying to resurrect an old vintage computer, that has Windows 98 in it, and I can't find out the older versions 3.5 and below that claims to run on such old OS. Is there any place to get some? I've searched on google and I've found 4.x and up. And another program called cdburnerxp pro 3.x. If there is any such public archive, or anyone has the latest version that runs on Windows 98/me, please Share with me. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.
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