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  1. When spanning, we can see which disc# we are on, but we cannot see which copy of the disc. If user chooses multiple copies, it should show them which copy # it is working on too.
  2. I had a set of files that took 290GB which was being spanned across 7 BD50 bluray discs in 3 copies. Then when I was on the first copy of disc #4, got a temporary power dip for a couple of seconds during the rain, and now I have no way to resume my failed spanning set. I saved the compilation, which is better than nothing. But it would be good if you can also save and load the spanned-set, so that you can re-create exactly the same span easily. Another improvement would be to allow users to skip writing a disc in the output set if they already made it on an earlier run which did not complete. So for me, I could hit skip disc 10 times and then put in real discs for the next 11. A far better way would be if the system could remember which span disc and which copy it was on, recording progress as it goes, and simply automatically recover the interrupted spanning session by resuming where it had left off.
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