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  1. Last year, I installed a previous version of CDBurnerXP onto this laptop, installed from a USB flash drive, after which the installation MSI file was deleted. There is no optical drive, so a remote drive was plugged into the USB. I had a problem with the program which caused everything to "hang." I had to hold down the Power button to force a restart, and upon rebooting, used the usual "Control Panel > Uninstall a program" method. The program retained a listing in the "Uninstall or change a program" menu, even though it seemed to be uninstalled and all program executables were removed, and the Start > Programs menu still retained a folder but the program options were all greyed-out, with nothing to which they were linked. Now, I downloaded the current version to attempt everything with a different external USB drive, but the Installation routine REFUSES TO INSTALL, claiming that there is a previous version installed. THERE IS NO WAY TO UNINSTALL ANYTHING that NO LONGER EXISTS. There is NO WAY to 'recover' the original MSI file, which apparently Windows 7 is searching for, on a removable drive that no longer exists. I attempted a manual deletion of everything in the registry with either the keyword "CDBurner" or "Canneverbe", but that was insufficient. Where is the STAND-ALONE UNINSTALL EVERYTHING RELATED TO CDBURNER program, that can clear all registry or other entries from a PC, so that a fresh and current CDBurnerXP can be installed without it getting fooled into thinking there is still an old version on the machine?
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