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  1. cdburnerxp calculates DVD space differently to WMP. In a recent case (on a different machine to the OP), WMP burn aborted at 1% (slowest speed) whereas cdburnerxp was successful with another TDK gold disk from the same batch at 8X, no pause. Great! VSO inspector is a fairly useful tool as well.
  2. Remember back in the day Nero would allow one reburn of the TDK Golds (any more than one was at own risk)- a nice option for cdburnerxp. Unfortunately as modern Windows can't "format" a finalised audio disk, not sure if it is still possible, even with Nero. According to the dictates of paranoia, all mp3 files were converted to pcm wav, which, if nothing more, eased the burden on CPU compression affecting the burn (which it shouldn't). Tried the last TDK Gold disk, just out of its original packing. Burnt at slowest speed (8X) in WMP. Perfect, except for distortion in the last three tracks. Damn. A Google reveals a little discontent with that last 6 to 8 minutes of the claimed 80. CD rot . Some users recommend burning 72 minutes instead. The disk was purchased 10 years ago, but it might have got hot- although the room temperature is not likely to have exceeded 45°. Tried the last "That's CD-R for Audio 80 (Special Selection disc)", and burnt the 79.53 in WMP. No problem! The same compilation was calculated as 80.44 in cdburnerxp. Anyburn only allowed 75 minutes. http://www.anyburn.com/ All of the recently acquired Verbatim CD-Rs (~2008- mfg later) burn perfectly, but they won't play in the car. An alternative for that is the Taiyo Yuden Silver Lacquer. Looks like all this should have been posted in "Media Issues." Sorry about that.
  3. floele? Anyone? Is there supposed to be a progress bar showing through the burning process? Unable to locate another with similar issue. What's the recommended course of action from now? Notwithstanding cdburnerxp has not reported errors, but in any case is it worth considering a log or SPDT? Thanks again.
  4. Hi there, Yet another burning issue for you all - but great forum, and program for sure! Inserted a brand new gold "That's CD-R for Audio 80 (Special Selection disc)" into a rather venerable TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224BB, after WMP 12 reporting only 74 minutes of the expected 80 burnable. Dragging the WMP playlist (79.5 minutes) into the cdburnerxp (cool) and set to burn at the slowest speed (16). cdburnerxp did not report any problem with the playlist duration, so it was assumed all the items would be included. The finalise check was active. The drive ramped up with a burning message, but no progress bar showed after about 3 minutes. Assumed there was a problem with either the drive or disc (or both) and cancelled. Noted the drive had the text names on the cda tracks, and the first track had around half a minute of sound. The disc cannot be formatted (defaults in Disk management) or re-written to, unfortunately, so trying a new one. Before doing that, is there anything that can be done to either the drive or software interface to limit the chance of errors? Thanks for reading!
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