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  1. Hello floele, Thanks for your reply. I installed the SPTD drivers and modded the INI file and tested an erase and a Data DVD burn and both worked perfectly. I understand that SPTD mode is not the norm in CDBurnerXP. I would prefer to use native mode in CDBurnerXP and not need to install and use the SPTD Drivers. What could be the problem with my Desktop CDBurnerXP not working? I have Ashampoo Burning Studio 2019 also installed so I don't know whether there are conflicts causing the problem? The thing is that my laptop also has both Ashampoo Burning Studio 201
  2. Hi all, I have an error whether I want to burn a disc or erase a rewriteable disc. Basically everything I do with CDBurnerXP fails when it starts a task. As an example when I try to burn a disc I get the following error in a popup Window: WIN32 error: StarBurn_ScsiTransportSPTI::CSarBurn_ScsiTransportS...:DeviceIoControl( 0x664 ( STAROPEN_IOCTL_OPEN ), 0x222004, 0x0F3EE254, 2060, 0x0F3EE254, 2060, 0x0F3EE248, 0x00000000 ) dailed, status 32 (0x20) I also have a laptop with CDBurnerXP and that seems to work fine but on my Desktop it is not working. I am running the
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