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  1. ping ...anyone know what the security risk is for win32/fusioncore.t? And especially, is this part of the download web page, or part of the cdburnerxp application?
  2. Try this troubleshooting page - I'm interested in your result, as I'm building windows out on a new laptop - which will be my first laptop with no onboard drive. Please post how it's going - I'd like to know how you solve this, as I think I'll have the same issue to overcome! https://cdburnerxp.se/help/appendices/troubleshooting
  3. Hi, I've used an older version for many years, now downloading a new version. However after clicking on the download link, my security software warns strongly against "win32/fusioncore.t", and recommends I disconnect from the web site. I think that fusioncore.t is trying to execute in the browser as part of the site's download process, or I suppose it might be part of the download image? Any recommendations about this? Especially because we have to install & run in Admin mode, I am not happy about ignoring security warnings here...
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