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  1. On the joilet dvd bugged , if the files name is wrong, on win7 and win10(from 3 pc) ,turn off/on or restart the pc dosen't change, BUT if disable dvd from system and re enable the dvd , it show the correct name.
  2. No @floele it isen't this the bug. I have try a small name for the .rar part1 part2 ... part? And the bug return. Is the same result. Sometime, whit change the files data on the rar , all go ok , all files name go ok on all dvd whit iso/joilet. But whit UDF 1.02 all work ok on all time... it is a bug of the iso/joilet and depend from the files stored on the .rar , I think
  3. hi, by default cdburnerxp have the file system for dvd data mode, the "ISO /joilet" . it have a little bug. Sometime when split a videogame whit winrar ,we have multiple files whit name "namefile.part1" ... part2 part3 .... prat99 . when put 4,6 gb file from a number to anoter , (part01 to part??) , the write go ok for all dvd, but from the second , all have the same name of the files dvd1. disk1 = name.part1 name.part2... name.part20 disk2=name.part21 name.part22.. name.part41 disk3=name.part42 name.part43.. name.part61 but from the disk 2 all have name.part1 ... name.part20 disk2,disk3 have the same files rename on the disk1 name's SOMETIME .only whit some games, other games the bug dosen't exist I find a simple solution: by default cdburnerxp have the file system for dvd data mode, the "ISO /joilet". change it whit UDF 1.02 for all dvd
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