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  1. I'm having exactly the same issue.... did you change anything in your setup eg. drive, system or it just started to happen?
  2. Hi! I stumbled upon strange problem, never ever experienced before. I have fresh new Liteon iHAS 124 burner, Windows 10 latest and CDBurnerXP latest version. During copy of audio CD all of the copies have unavailable one or two first tracks. Simply - they are being omitted by any player: car, home boombox, the same Liteon drive under any cda player. I have tried to slow down burning speed to 16x, no change. I have changed CD-R vendor from some generic "Omega" to Verbatim CD-R, this yelds only the difference that on Verbatim usualy one or two first tracks are unavailable, on Omega it is usually 3 tracks. Importing cue sheet with wav files created in for example Exact Audio Copy and burning on the same media under CD Burner XP gives 100% good writes, all tracks available. What I have observed is quite strange behavior of the drive during burn process via Copy option - drive seems to stop and spin up each and every track written. This doesn't happen when cue sheet is being imported - it just burns constantly in one shot. On the very same PC, same Windows old IDE Pioneer (connected via IDE->SATA converter) burn all CDs very well. Any idea what can be wrong? Is the writer malfunctioning? It writes under Exact Audio Copy or any other software quite well. CD Burner is just plain simplier as provides one-click copy -> older parents are very happy with that option Greets, Tomek
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