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  1. Is there anybody here from tech support? Or is there any tech support? -- jclarkw
  2. Sure would be nice to get an answer to this one... Any takers? -- jclarkw
  3. I remember liking CDBurnerXP long ago while I was still using Windows XP (now on Windows 10 Pro). I vaguely remember quitting it because your support for multi-session was defective, or perhaps became so due to some change by Microsoft (or yet again perhaps I'm confusing it with other software). Now that I'm in the market again for a satisfactory disk-burning program (capable but not bloated), I've seen at least one recent thread on this forum (https://forum.cdburnerxp.se/topic/10542-corrupted-file-dates-in-the-previous-session/) suggesting that this feature still has problems. Is the capability to burn multi-session disks correctly implemented yet, or is it still defective? -- jclarkw
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