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  1. Its look like nero 2020 platium (nero express) works better and faster so its must be issue with cdburner XP.
  2. How about burning Blueray 128 GB video? many program did no support that? i have waste my money on nero 2020 because i did not find a program that its possible to upscale DVD\VHS to blueray 4k and burn disk to blueray so its support it. I have tested 50 GB disk (Debian blueray debian-10.3.0-amd64-DLBD-1.jigdo) I can confirm that iso file give correct 512 sum and its install nice with vmware player 15.5.2 I did not get any burning issue with cdburner XP its can be dust or some like it, but i did not know why you did not have tool to check CD for failed b
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