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  1. Hi there I need someone technical that will solve/explain this problem but in simple laymans terms for me please. I have been using CDburner xp without any problems, for loading either flac or wav files into a playlist and then burning them to a cd and have never noticed any deterioration in sound quality using x16 speeed for burning, onto a cd and then playing them though my Hi Fi sound system ( cd player, amp, and B&W loudspeaker) It is only recently that I came across this interesting piece of information concerning the treatment of Hi res files that I need help with. Firstly, the complete article is suggesting that most software applications such as cdburnerxp are capable of automatically converting the 24bit files down to 16bit for you - so you do not need to "dither" the files using a separate application I quote": "To convert a 24bit file to 16bit you need to convert them using a dither algorithm. Most converters use one algorithm but make sure to tick the box if the option is possible, otherwise you get a truncated sound file resulting is low level distortion, noticeable in quieter moments". So my question is this should I just let cdburnerxp do the job for me, or should I convert any 24bit files myself prior to burning them onto a cd, so as to avoid any low level distortion I could not find any help on this subject in your guides,or forum pages so would be interested to know what would be the best solution or am worrying unduly. It would also be interesting to understand how cdburnerxp goes about doing this as I have never had any burn issues to date with these high res files Thanks in advance
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