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  1. After trying so may programs for burning WAV files as WAV I am about to see

    if I can find someone who can write a WAV file burning program without

    CDA in it.    I cannot even find the bit rate in this program yet it states you can change it.

    I have wasted over 12 CDs trying to burn WAV so bought a pack of CD-RW.  After reading the info

    about this program I decided to give it a go and guess what bloody CDA crap again.

    I even bought Nero as yrs. back it worked writing WAV but not today, all it wants to do

    is write this CDA crap. There were programs quite a few yrs. back that gave you a choise

    as to what format you wanted what in the name of hell happened to them.   A WAV file cannot

    be compressed, when you have a few thousand $s worth of sound equipment you want the best.

    Sal, a bloody frustrated Aussie

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