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  1. Hi! When working on a project, adding new files to it or updating the compilation, a dialog may come up saying "The compilation already contains a file named ..." and then goes a long truncated file name. It seems to have something to do with too long file names. It's important that characters are Cyrillic and Greek. In case there are 2 or more files with too long file names. This happens when some folder contains 2 or more files that have too long names or paths for a CD filesystem that begin with the same characters, and when truncated, the names become the same and so these files need to be renamed and cannot be in the same directory unless given different names. When this message comes up, it is not clear at first what's the problem and why the user is supposed to compare or replace files. So a) In this case, shouldn't it explain the problem more accurately? b) The dialog offers to replace or not replace these files (and probably is supposed to silently truncate the names, haven't tried it). But what the user would typically want is not to keep one of the files with the name cut off, but to manually check the folder and rename the files to be able to keep both. In case of one file with too long filename. In case there's simply one file with a name longer than a certain limit, the following problems came up. a) After adding a folder to the disc and then pressing "Update compilation" from right-click menu, the dialog appears. But there's no need to replace any files. b) Also, djvu extension for such a file turned into djv. File name got silently truncated to the limit.
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