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  1. I have some home movies on VHS that I have recently copied to DVD with a VCR/DVD Recorder combo. I would like to make copies of these DVDs for other family members but the tapes are old and fragile so I don't want to keep using the VCR to make more DVDs. I was told that if I brought the DVD vob files into Adobe Premier Elements, the copied DVD would lose quality due to being compressed to MPEG2 twice. Which CDBurnerXP option would just copy the data from the DVD either to the hard drive or directly to a new burned DVD without encoding/decoding or otherwise messing with the quality? I was not sure whether to use the Data disc, Video DVD or Copy or grab disc option. My PC has 2 optical drives so a direct copy would be easiest. Windows 10 20H2
  2. I have a NEC DVD+-RW ND-3450A that came in my Dell XPS gen4. I ran out of my Mitsui CDs I used to use for music and purchased a stack of Maxell CD-R Music CDs and have not been able to write a cd with CDBXP. It errors with poor quality media or incompatible drive. Windows built-in burner just does not recognize it. I am trying to burn an .iso image at the moment. I called Maxell and they suggested updating the firmware which is 103C. Checking the internet most sites said 103C was the most current but https://www.firmwarehq.com had FW_ND-3540A_win104.zip. I'm not sure it's legit. Does anyone know for sure what is the latest firmware for this drive? Thanks
  3. I've used cue sheets to burn audio cds a few times from a single large .wav file of live music. Is it possible to use 2 cue sheets to burn 2 wave files on a single cd? I have a long recording in 2 wave files, one about 1 gig and the second about 600MB. I used markers in the wave files with Creative Wave Studio to get the times of the separate songs (tracks on the finished audio CD) in each. I was going to load them both into the compilation window but can I import 2 cue sheets successfully or will I have to merge the 2 wave files into one huge file and may my computer scream in pain? Thanks
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