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  1. After a bit of fiddling, I was able to convince Windows to defrag the .iso file properly. I then tried CDBXP again, and this time the burn process and verification completed successfully. The program didn't hang, so I think the bug probably lies in what happens when verification fails.
  2. I installed the latest CDBurnerXP ( on my old Windows XP Pro SP3 box, because it happens to have my DVD writer drive attached (a Benq DW1620). I'm trying to burn the Ubuntu 20.04.1 ISO to DVD+RW. The burn process completes, but if I enable the verification step the user interface completely hangs after a few minutes. I can see the disc icon inside CDBXP change to have a red cross, which I assume means the verification has failed, but it doesn't produce any error dialogue box. Just hangs, and there's nothing that can be done except to terminate the unresponsive app. This doesn't happ
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