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  1. so i changed the code a bit cause i got the --burn-data to work but it just put the file on a disc like it was a hdd and wasnt readable in the device lol FOR /r %%i IN (*.bin) DO D:\Downloads\CDBurnerXP-x64-\cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-iso -file:"%%~fi" -iso:"%%~dpi" now i get this E:\PS2\error>D:\Downloads\CDBurnerXP-x64-\cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-iso -file:"E:\PS2\error\Dynasty Warriors 2.bin" -iso:"E:\PS2\error\" Starting to burn ISO image from E:\PS2\error\Dynasty Warriors 2.bin... An error (8004027C) occured while executing the command: Device is not ready: any idea
  2. ok so what im trying to do is convert a .bin to .iso. Within the gui it can be done but im trying to do this in cmd. I dont see the option to convert to iso for cmd is this not availiable or is it?
  3. E:\PS2\error>("D:\Downloads\CDBurnerXP-x64-\cdbxpcmd.exe" --burn-data -file[E:\PS2\error\Dynasty Warriors 2 (USA)\]:Dynasty Warriors 2 (USA).bin -iso:E:\PS2\error\Dynasty Warriors 2 (USA)\Dynasty Warriors 2 (USA).bin.iso ) Creating ISO image at E:\PS2\error\Dynasty, 0 Files, Size: 1.19 MB An error (800402A0) occured while executing the command: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800402A0 this is what i get when i try to convert .bin to .iso how do i fix this?
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