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  1. Hello again, I joined 3-3-21 and asked for help, with no response. I asked for help again on another topic 4-13-21 and 4-21-21, again with no response. Now I get a message from you folks to finish my submission. There is nothing to finish. My three messages are right there where the should be. NOTE: You also have the wrong email address for me. It should be mreillynascar@yahoo.com My screen name is Mike R. I don't know what else I can do. Thank you, Mike Reilly
  2. I have not heard from a soul. I really do need some help. I tried to wing it and intended to make three passes with my 21:55 minute compilation, finalizing the disc on my 3rd and last pass. I made the first pass just fine. Then it stopped me from continuing by saying "the disc is not empty". Well, of course it's not empty. The program acknowledges that there is still a ton of room remaining on the disc. Could someone please give me some assistance. Thank you, Mike
  3. Hello, I have 10 tracks on a CD that I love. All together they are only 21:35. Is there a repeat option/setting that I can use to "repeat burn" those 10 tracks two more times, all at the same time, to fill the disc? For a total of 64:45? i would appreciate any help. Thank you, Mike
  4. Hello, I have 6 CDs, same artist, I am taking 1 to 4 tracks from each CD to make a compilation. I put the first disc in the drive and all the tracks appeared automatically in the upper box, I added the tracks I wanted to the compilation box [lower] and it was a snap. So, I removed the first CD and inserted the next CD.........but the track list image from the first disc still remains there, even though the disc is removed from the drive! I have looked high and low and I can find no way to clear/get rid of this upper list so I can continue on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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