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  1. normal optical media is horrible for archiving, as bad as hard drives or worse if its really cheap stuff. I use m-disc blu rays for archiving, normal blu rays that don't use an organic layer and have a metal layer could also do the trick but m-discs are the highest grade discs you can get. you could also try out verbatim ultralife archival gold dvds if you dont want to get a blu ray burner, but blu ray m discs are MUCH cheaper per gigabyte than verbatim gold archival dvds and probably more reliable. I use almost exclusively blu ray m discs and verbatim archival dvds for small stuff if I don't
  2. when i burn data discs, i just copy and paste files into the compolation, I don't use the green add button or drag and drop, is copying and pasting fine, can it cause any problems?
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