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  1. I've had the same problem. I did, however, already have the "Enable CD-Text" option selected, and some of the track information—including information as described in the original post here—is still missing. Track names, missing. Album art, also missing. Is there some other setting I've been missing somewhere?
  2. I have burned a CD with only one song on it (it's for a demo). The original file is a .wav file. After using CDBurnerXP to burn to the CD, it is rendered as a .cda file. It appears to burn without error. However, when I attempt to play the CD on my computer's media player (foobar2000), I get this error message: Unable to open item for playback (Disc not available): "cdda://00023047,01" When examined in Windows File Explorer, the CD/DVD drive does recognize the file on the disk, apparently with the correct filename (Track01.cda). I have successfully burned many other CDs, a
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