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    Burn Speed BUG

    When you're in the "Burn Disc" menu, to launch the burning of a media, and you scroll down the "Burn Speed" options and you choose "<Other speed...>" to choose "1x(4.500 KB/s)", the actual "burn speed" during the "burning process" is always something different, something random, and something much faster of course (like 6x, for instance).
  2. The "Verification Process" after the burning should at least run UNTIL ALL FILES ARE ANALIZED, and there should be a report of the files which have not been burned correctly. I had to use an external program to find out which file had not been burned correctly, and that the issue wasn't CDBurnerXP nor the media, nor the burner, but the original file on the hard disk drive itself. A complete report of the verification process is a necessary tool, specially when you burn very large amounts of data (50Gb of data, for instance), you don't need the details but you need to know at least which files had discrepancies.
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