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  1. Also wondering if it's possible to make windows "think" one of my USB drive's is a CD or DVD drive and then it would allow me to write to it (disc spanning) like that?
  2. Hi. Wondering if anyone knows of a way I can do the following? I want to span a backup job onto several USB drives... (I have several 120GB USB hard drives). Is there a way to span a folder full of sub folders and files backup onto my spare hard drives? For example I have six or seven 120GB drives, but have a 2TB drive with one folder (with several sub folders on it) full of data I want to back up onto them. Is this possible? (Also I would like to be able to access the files on the smaller drives, so do not want them encrypting or zipping up or converting to any other backup format). * Operating System: Currently on Win7 or Win10). Software I'm currently using: www.AllwaySync.com I used to be able to do the above onto floppy discs using WinRar (But that would not enable me to read the backed up files on the new destination discs until they were all unpacked again). The closest I've gotten is CD burner XP that does exactly what I'm looking for, but only writes the data to CD's or DVDs. Thanks Gareth
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