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  1. You can for example use 7zip program to zip a big file into segments that will fit onto one CD at a time. Since the last protion of the file segment will be at the outer edge of a CD you might consider to limit the zip file size to 680-690 MB. In case you have 700 MB CDs. CDs can easily be scratched at the outer edge and the last tracks therefore difficult to read. Then you take the zip segment file and drag and drop it onto the layout in the CD Burner XP program. You will find the 7 zip here: https://www.7-zip.org/ Hope that this post will help you
  2. These issues have been known among several burning programs. One way to circumvent the issue is to first burn an image, *.ISO *.IMG, *.BIN, Whatever. Then burn the corresponding image onto the physical disk. You have to try several methods.
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