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  1. What are ID3 tags? How do I check them? I'd like the file names that show to match what I put them in as--can that be done, or not? Disregard the above. I found out how to do it thanks to what you sent. Worked just as I'd hoped it would--thanks so much for your quick response!!!
  2. I posted this on the General forum in April, but never got a response, so thought this may be a more appropriate venue. I'd like the titles of the songs I burn to be what I rename them to before putting them on the burn list. However, the program gets info from somewhere else, and when I play it on a CD player, it shows the titles in other formats and arrangements than what I put in as the title. Is there any way to have it show the titles as I put them in? The first picture is what I put it to burn. The second one is what shows on the CD player. Quote
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