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I make DVDs from UK TV broadcasts to send to my daughter in Germany. Having recorded in the usuall way severalĀ  broadcast TV programs on to its internal HDD, I can then select some of them and get it to copy them on to a physical DVD using its built-in DVD player/recordingdrive. That physical DVD is playable on any standalone DVD player and is the one I send to her..

Before I send it I make a backup copy of that physical DVD on to another DVD and store it.

Please note: by DVD I mean a standalone DVD with a Top Menu etc., like those bought in shops allowing Star Wars etc. to be viewed on a standalone DVD player. I DO NOT mean a disc image or something else which is saved by a computer as data on to a disc which is also called a DVD.

(Sorry to be pedantic but I have found problems from using the description "DVD".)

My question: Can CDBurnerXP make the "backup copy of that physical DVD on to another DVD" mentioned in the second para?


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Whether or not it works depends I'd say. CDBurnerXP has a copy feature and will be able to copy usual data discs, but I'd recommend you to try it once and check if it plays back properly on your DVD player.

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