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Can the dxp file contain a wildcard of any kind?

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I've used CDBurnerXP for some time and am a big fan of its no-nonsense approach.

But I'm trying to automate some of my uses and have run into a problem.  I save my definition files (dxp files) for my main disk areas that I want to archive to CD.  I then try to initialize CDBurnerXP by appending the dxp filename to the run string per the documentation:

cdbxpp.exe does only have one command line argument: You can only specify a file name of a CDBurnerXP compilation file to open it automatically.

This works to bring up CDBurnerXP, but whenever files have moved out of a directory, I get missing file notifications.  For example, when I want the entire contents of C:\Photos written to a DVD, I might have deleted a photo here or there.

So, my question is:  Can there be a designation like C:\Photos\* in the dxp file?

I realize I can use the command line version and force an update.  But what I really need is to bring up the CDBurnerXP interface so I can make any other adjustments and maybe add other content.

Thanks in advance for any help.





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Yes. Just add the folder to DXP compilation. It's not a wildcard at this point, but if you load this compilation again, you can choose "update compilation" from the context menu to include all new files.

(You can not extended an already burned disc with this method though, you need to burn a new disc then.)

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Thanks for your response.  But I don't think I explained very well.  What I need is a "command line way" to cause the CDBurnerXP to load and refresh the specified DXP.

The user won't necessarily know to go to the top menu and select Edit >> Update Compilation.  Plus, they see "missing file" messages, which doesn't instill confidence.

The point is, I'm trying to automate as much as possible from a calling script.  If there was a programmatic way to Add Folder, I could do it that way ... but, alas, that only puts up a selection dialog, without a provision to type in a file. 

At this point, I can't see a viable way.  I'm not wild about going to one of the command-line-only softwares, but automating is becoming more important than features.  I was just hoping CDBurnerXP would save the day.


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But what I really need is to bring up the CDBurnerXP interface so I can make any other adjustments and maybe add other content.

Yes, that is still my strong preference.


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OK. I will add another switch called "/od+update" for the next release. Works like "/od" just with an additional update after running.

Note that you can also enable an automated compilation updates in the settings though.

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