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Got a question about CD burning. I have copied some CD's and downloaded some music (Bearshare.com) and I have saved on hard drive as a MP3 files. When I burn song(s) it works on my computer and on my daughter's radio, but not in any other radios including factory radio in my car. When I put the CD in the car, as long as I have only one song on CD-RW disc it will play, but it takes a while to load and you cannot fast forward through the song. I have played other CD-Rs that have been burned from another computer fine. I have just a standard CD burner that came with my Compaq computer, and I have used Windows Media Player, RealOne, and another program that came with computer and they all have same results. I also have changed speed setting from 1X through fastest setting. Could the problem be:

1. Radios I try to playback music on is not MP3 compatible.

2. CDRs that I use OK now have been converted from MP3 to WAV file already (I haven't checked yet?)


3. Would this software help?

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1. Radios I try to playback music on is not MP3 compatible.

[/quote ]

It could be and it depends on what you want to do. If you want to burn an MPĀ§ CD (not a usual audio CD), your Radio or whatever needs the feature to play mp3 files. If you only burn mp3 files as audio-CD, it should work on every player.

That depens on what the problem is. I suggest you try it.

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