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Logical bug in CDBurnerXP's translation

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I've noticed a logical bug in CDBurnerXP's translation system.

Setting the app's language to something other than the OS's language will result having the box messages appear in the OS's language, and NOT what the user chose in the CDBurnerXP's settings.

So for example, if you're running Windows in hebrew and you're selecting CDBurnerXP to load itself in english, the box messages will still apear in hebrew instead of english.

I'm guessing the bug is reproducible in other languages as well.


Example of the bug:



Have a nice bug fixing :)


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Unfortunately, that's not something I can change. You reported that before IIRC ;)

Nah, no way :) Should have remembered it if I indeed reported this in the past.


You sure it's not fixable? I spoke with WinRAR's developer on a similar bug where these buttons (apparently called property sheets) were in english even when my OS is in hebrew (he fixed it with SetProcessDefaultLayout(LAYOUT_RTL) call if that means anything to you).

It seems that in CDBurnerXP, this call (or any similar call) should NOT be made under some circumstances (only if SelectedLanauge==RTL language, make the LayoutRTL call or whatever).


Does that make any sense? lol :)



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It's not a matter of layout. As you can see, the layout is in fact correct. The call for displaying system messages simply does not include a parameter for the language. And even if, usually the OS only supports a single language anyway. That what you'd need in the first place: http://windows.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/language-packs#lptabs=win10

Hmm, seems reasonable.

But still, how can you explain (or maybe you can't since it's not your app :)) that the current beta of WinRAR 5.31 does behave in regard to this matter? (you can see in their changelog in 2b)


Scratch this post.

I just tried to give you images of how it looks on my hebrew system with WinRAR (the english version) in a message box and I see some of them (probably the OS native ones? Like Yes/No/OK etc) in hebrew lol ><


Sorry for the commotion mate :P

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