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Created ISO-file very big

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I like to create a ISO-Image of my windows 10 rescue-disc.

After is start reading using CDBurnerXP v4.5.6.5931 it takes a very long time to read the disc and i get a 4700MB file, but the disc is only about 300MB big.

It doesn't matter if i use single track or whole disc mode.

Mounting the ISO-file shows me 300MB data. So why is the ISO-file the size of the pure media and not the size of the used media?

When using older CDBurnerXP i get smaller files.

My OS is Windows 10 x64

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Which older version of CDBurnerXP gives you a smaller file? I'd guess that your ISO file is just being padded with empty data to match the size of the disc (don't know for what reason though).

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I don't know my older version. There was some automatic update and after this i get the bigger ISO-Files.

I also guess the file is always filled up to match the Disc-size. But i don't know why this should be necessary.

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Tried a Win 8.1 OS DVD today, the ISO file isn't larger than expected. Maybe your DVD itself is already padded. What rescue disc is it exactly? Did you create one from the OS yourself?

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It's the Windows 10 System-repair Disc which can be generated using the integreted "Windows 7"
backup-system in Windows 10.
The size which is burned is only about 300MB. Also burning takes only some minutes
and also the creation of an ISO-file using Anyburn gives me a ISO-File with only 300MB.

Maybe CDBurnerXP isn't completely compatible with Windows 10 or there is some driver-issue.

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