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Automatic Update (Information) does not work

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When I start CDBurnerXP there is no information, that an update is available and so no button to get the update, although the option "Updatesx automatisch herunterladen und installieren" is aktiv.

Used version: on Windows7 64bit.

In the past (different PCs, different versions) sometimes I had to restart CDBurnerXP 3 or 4 times to get the information and the update-button, but with this version it doesn't work after 10 tiimes (or more) restarts. Is there anyway to fix this?

I prefer to update out of the program (without reconfiguring) and not to download and install the new version.

Thanks for Your help.


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CDBurnerXP will attempt to download an update automatically while it's running (but it doesn't check on every launch, only once a day). Only when downloading finished successfully (may take a while depending on your connection), it will bother you with an update prompt.

So if you really want let it do the update automatically (though just downloading manually isn't that much additional effort), just launch it again after 24h, let it rest at the startup screen until download has finished and restart the application.

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