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Disk spanning problem

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Running under Win 10 64-bit

Tried disk spanning for the first time, using DVD-R disks.

The process seems to have run to completion, and I can read/inspect the first 2 disks of a 5 disk set, but

disks 3 to 5 do not show any data when inserted into the same drive or even on another machine.

Visual inspection seems to show that data was written to the disks.

What went wrong?

How can I successfully record disk spanning sets?

How can I figure out what went wrong?

------------- update -------

In the meantime, I have found some software which seems to let me inspect the DVDs - IsoBuster

This program seems to be able to decode the data and it looks like the data has been saved - apparently in the obsolete ISO9660 format - with all filenames and path components truncated:angry:

No warning at all during the burning process and worst of all, Win 10 - and even Linux Mint 17.2 - can not read the disk beyond # 2 of 5

---- second update --

Selecting UDF format before burning seems to have backed up all files and all disks are accessible by Win 10 - as far as I have test.

So, the problem is using ISO9660 - these days UDF should be the default with a warning for anyone who wants to/insists on using ISO9660

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There actually was a time UDF being the default, however, it lead to a lot of issues because even today many devices are not capable of reading UDF. So ISO+Joliet will stay as default file system.

It shouldn't result in the issues you had though. Maybe you can create the data as ISO files, so I can have a look at the result? Since Joliet is also part of the file system, the truncation shouldn't be that bad.



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