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Content of file list not complete and others

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13.06.2016 - Update

1. The CD1 contents a jpg-file (Cover) and 13 audio files. CDBurnerXP shows the jpg-file but only 12 audio files - track 9 is missing.
2. The meta dates of all tracks contents titel numbers, CDBurnerXP shows only the title numbers of track 2, 10, and 12.
3. The length of track 7 is 1:44 minutes. CDBurnerXP shows the length 5:10 minutes, and its own cd player plays this time. Here is attached the next track 8 (!)... Other players (audacity, Aimp) plays track 7 with the correct time 1:44 minutes.

After one hour CDBurnerXP crashed.



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1) The screenshots do not allow a direct comparison of folder contents unfortunately because you can't see the full path on the right. If itis missing tracks in CDBurnerXP, please verify that you do not have a file filter enabled.

2) and 3) If you send me a track for reproducing the issue, I can try looking into it.

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Oh oh oh - I'm so sorry...

In CDBurnerXP I had the access to an old safety file and it was stored on another drive. Just in the moment I have seen it.

I'm sorry to have caused the alarm. It's all okay.

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