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WAV file compatability detection/reporting

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I had an issue where WAV files supplied to me were at a bitrate of 2822kbs instead of the standard 1411kbs.
Burning would not commence. The error message misdirected me to a media problem.

Once the WAVs were re-saved in the correct 44.1kHz sample rate and 16-bit format, there was no problem of course. However CDBurnerXP ought to be able detect and re-format the WAVs, or more clearly report the error.




Error Log.txt


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Yes, actually such an error should be handled. Would you mind sending me one of these files in order to reproduce the issue?

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I tried uploading a ZIP, but after 6 hours nothing much had happened.

You should be able replicate the issue by using a WAV editor to change the bit depth of any WAV file from 16 bit to another value and saving that file.

Let me know if you need me to try again.


CDBurnerXP example.jpg

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