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CdburnerXP will not start - but sits as a process!

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Hello - I have been using CD Burner XP for many years without any issues, however just recently I have had a problem with the program not starting. It appears in Taskmanager as a process, but it cannot be ended. The PC has to be rebooted. The program can be rebooted - but only has a hard reset (pressing the reset button) - not ideal. There are no other issues with any other programs and the PC is clean. When CDBurner is removed the PC reboots normally without issue. I have tried a clean install 3 times - each time cleaning the registry of all references of CDBurner and within the User profiles. I have tried running it as admin also.

I am running a win 10 x64 machine

Any ideas?

Many thanks


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See also:

All of you having Win 10 x64 is interesting, but I am in fact using the same OS myself and don't have problems.

Are you using the 64 bit version of CDBurnerXP or 32 bit though?

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Sorry, been busy, forgot about this post, didn't receive notification of your request.

AMD board, Win 10 Pro 64, custom build.

Tried a second new dvd drive, still same problem.

Samsung DVD SH-224

Asus DRW-24B1ST

Attached log file, hope it helps.

Using latest build of CDBurnerXP, downloaded 9/30/2016 64 bit version

32 bit version also fails.

FYI: Burn Aware Free works fine.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you need anything else.





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Could also be the SATA controller / drivers / mainboard, hard to tell usually.

Maybe you can send me a new log file for these drives? I will forward it to StarBurn then so they have more data to work with. Please also post your mainboard model.

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