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Original strings in English containing "&"

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Hello there!

I'm the Español (Argentina) [Spanish (Argentina)] or es-AR language translator of CDBurnerXP. I want to update this language and I took a quick look at the Strings.es-AR.resx file.

I could not find any new untranslated string in that file, but I've found some strings like this one:


<data name="Preview" xml:space="preserve">

It's translated, but the original string in English doesn't include &amp; now. So, should I remove it from the translated strings containing it?

Thanks in advance.

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&amp; (which translates to &) will simply indicate an access key. It depends on where the text is used whether or not it is appropriate (they shouldn't be duplicated within a dialog for example). But having one is usually better than not having one.

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