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Problem with audio CD copy in version

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Hi, I hope this is the right place for reporting my problem.

I have recently upgraded from version to version (in fact, the program has done that, due to the respective settings). Since then, copying audio CDs does not work correctly.

My system is a Lenovo ThinkPad T410 with an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7930H (as determined by CDBurnerXP), running under Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I had simply chosen the 'copy disc' function from the start screen, had the system read the source CD, replaced the source CD by a recordable CD as target, and let the system automatically start the writing process. Writing was finished with a success message (i.e. no error message was produced), but the burned CD was then not recognised by my PC as audio CD. Instead I was asked, whether the CD should be treated like a USB stick or [...] (sorry, have not remembered the term). Upon re-inserting the CD, it is displayed in the Explorer as a 'CD ROM' and still not recognised as an audio CD by either the VLC player or the Windows Media Player. Only when inserting the CD in a normal CD player (i.e. no computer drive), it is recognised as an audio CD with the correct number and length of tracks, but the first track just contains nothing/silence. From track 2 until the end, the recording is apparently OK.

This has now happened with two different source CDs (one commercial, one previously burned with an earlier version of CDBurnerXP). The problem did not occur with the previous version Also copying an audio CD with another program (Corel Burn.Now, which is pre-installed on the ThinkPad by Lenovo) produces a readable CD without errors. From this, I conclude that the bug must sit in the updated version of CDBurnerXP. To avoid producing unnecessary waste, I have not made any further copying attempts with version

As an interim solution, I have now reverted back to version and disabled automatic updating, but I would be happy to see that the bug has been fixed in an updated version after

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Edit: I have added a screenshot (in German and in English) how the wrongly burned CD is recognised by CDBurnerXP itself. Obviously, the first track is not written as an 'audio' track, but as 'data'. However, since I have not found an option in the 'copy disc' module to selct between audio/video and data discs, I cannot use this information to avoid the error.



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2nd edit, but as a new post, to keep things manageable.

Reverting back to version by installing it over the upgraded version did not help, although the installation routine has first un-installed the more recent version, and the older one was was installed after a re-boot. So, the case becomes more difficult.

  1. My last attempt in copying an audio CD before the automatic upgrade to version produced a readable audio CD.
  2. All attempts in copying audio CDs after the automatic upgrade produce unusable results, because the first track is written as a data track instead of an audio track. This is regardless of the now installed version of CDBurnerXP (i.e. same behaviour in and in
  3. Copying an audio CD with another program (Corel Burn.Now) on the same computer produces a readable audio CD.

Could it be that some event caused a change in user settings (or program settings that are maintained over a re-install) that results in this unwanted and totally undesirable misbehaviour? Since it is obviously possible to write readable audio CDs on my system, the problem seems to be software-related. I should perhaps add that I have not changed any other settings on my computer between the last successful copy under version and the automatic upgrade upon the next start of CDBurnerXP on the same day.

Would be happy to get some help.   :( ==> :)


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No, both source CDs that I have tested are plain audio CDs with no data track. See the attached screenshot. As mentioned before, copying the same source CDs with Corel Burn.Now yields readable audio CDs, as was the case with CDBurnerXP before the automatic upgrade.

On closer inspection, one can see that CDBurnerXP's not exact copy of the audio CD also has slightly different overall and track sizes than the original. That is not the case with the copy from Corel Burn.Now, which appears to be fully identical to the source, judging from the displayed parameters in CDBurnerXP's disc info dialogue. Which raises the question whether CDBurnerXP would actually copy a source CD byte-wise or would analyse its structure and then re-build it on the target CD. Is that so?

Is it possible that the strange behaviour is caused by some (permanent) program settings? If so, is there an option to either reset all of them to their defaults, or - maybe even better? - completely delete them from my computer?

And is there a way to test the copy function for audio CDs without actually burning one, to avoid wasting lots of blank recordable CDs? Unfortunately, I have no rewriteable CD available at the moment (and I also wonder whether those are still on sale).

Thanks for the support & regards


Btw, should we continue in English, for the benefit of other forum readers, or should we switch to our common mother tongue? Your choice...


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> Is it possible that the strange behaviour is caused by some (permanent) program settings?


> And is there a way to test the copy function for audio CDs without actually burning one, to avoid wasting lots of blank recordable CDs?

Nicht wirklich, da das Problem wohl beim Brennen selbst liegen dürfte. Außer natürlich, man installiert eine CD-Brenner-Emulationssoftware.

Probier mal diese Version hier, ich habe da was bzgl. des Kopiervorgangs angepasst, vielleicht hilft das:


Sicherheitshalber würde ich dabei aber mal, für den Fall dass es nicht hilft, eine Log-Datei erstellen (siehe https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/18).

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Danke - ich habe mir die Version schon mal heruntergeladen, würde mir aber für einen Test lieber erst einmal eine CD-RW organisieren wollen. Sobald ich dann mehr weiß, melde ich mich wieder.

Eine CD-Brenner-Emulationssoftware, die ein mount- und abspielbares Image einer Audio-CD erzeugt, kenne ich leider nicht. Zumindest nicht als kostenfreie Software, wie es sie für Daten-CDs und das ISO-Filesystem zu Hauf gibt. Wenn es um Images von Audio-CDs geht, bin ich bisher immer entweder bei proprietären Ansätzen kommerzieller Programme oder im Bereich der Programme zur Überwindung von Kopierschutzmechanismen gelandet (bzw. der Schnittmenge davon) - was mich bislang von Experimenten damit abgehalten hat.


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