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CD Copy Error

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Using the "Copy or grab disc" function to copy audio discs results in errors after a brand new blank CD is inserted into my Windows 10 PC in most cases.  I've been able to copy a couple of CDs (original factory CD) to duplicate CD's (Summer residence copies).  However, most of my attempts to copy CDs have been unsuccessful.  A few minutes after the new blank CD is inserted the program locks up with the DVD drive continuing to spin until the PC is restarted.  Neither the "Ignore unreadable data" or "Disable hardware error correction" options are selected.  Burning speed is 48X with both "Finalize disc" and Eject disc after burning" selected.  Needless to say a roughly 75 percent failure rate is not acceptable.  Is there another approach or other settings to duplicate an audio CD?  

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  1. Make sure that you have the SPTD drivers installed.
  2. Open the file “%appdata%\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP\UserSettings.ini” (you can use File → Open in Windows Notepad).
  3. Search for “UseSPTD=0” in the file and replace the “0” with “1”.
  4. Save the file and start CDBurnerXP. Follow the steps required to reproduce the problem and report the result.
  5. Revert your change in UserSettings.ini.
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I installed the SPTD drivers as instructed (twice).  However,  the  "%appdata%\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP\UserSettings.ini" file could not be located on my PC.  I searched various variants of the quoted file name with no luck.  The OS (C:)/Program Data/Canneverbe Limited / CDBurnerXP/ folder is empty.   A search of the C:drive (and all subfolders) for the "UseSPTD=0" had no results.  PC was rebooted after each time installing the SPTD driver but the DVD burner continues to run with error message after several minutes when a blank new CD is installed.

Any recommendations?  


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Are you using the portable version? Otherwise, please check if you have a working %appdata% folder at all. It should exist and not be empty. c:\programdata is a different folder.

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