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Disc Spanning Crash

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Seems like every other time I do disc spanning it crashes in the middle of burning the set of discs. This is the worst when I'm burning BD-Rs as I'm not sure if I export to ISO with a new session if it will be the same as what was written before and it takes a ton of time to write this much data back to my drive. I don't have logging enabled so I don't believe I have any further info to provide unless there is some default logs.

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I am not sure if I see the same thing, but looks similar.

  • I use disc spanning with bd-r discs
  • Data >100Gb; for example this case was ~140Gb so it is fitting to 7 disc, 4744 files and 191 folders
  • Assert comes typically around disc 3-4 and in this case it came, when I inserted a new disc (when I started to have this problem I disabled the autoplay completely in Win10)
  • It happened every time when I had more than 3 disc (maybe 2).
  • Writing continues and disc verification is passing. I didn't see any missing file.

That's pretty much that I can tell now.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


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I've found a solution :(. I tried a different tool and it worked without a glitch. I still prefer cdburnerxp but when it comes to this problem there is no solution neither any answer for several months...

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