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Can't burn twice

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Hi!. Since some times ago,  year or so, I have problems using CdBurnerXp to burn twice in a row. (Using it for a long time and no problems). I re-install "Win Xp SP3", had a new motherboard, using always the latest update, change the Blu-ray drive and the DVD drive , but still the same. When I try to use it to burn 2 times in a row, it mostly will tell me that I have a bad media. At first I thought that it was caused by my media, Verbatim AZO DVD-R , so I have discard a lot of them. To finally found recently that if I restart CdBurnerXP, between each burn, everything works properly. If I let the "bad media" in the drive (either blu-ray or dvd) and restart CdBurnerXp, it goes well. I've been doing that since maybe

20 burns,  without any bugs. But it kind of odd to have to restart completely the program.  I have a suggestion too, if I may. Is there a way to automatically find a blank media when

inserted. Or put a button to easily find it. I have to click twice in the "target device" to select the next blank. Thanks.

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