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Multisession crashes CDBurnerXP

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Hi ~

I'm using the latest CDBurnerXP with Windows 7x64 sp1 and whenever the software asks if I want to continue session and add files to DVD it crashes. It only happens with this software.

Other burning software can create multisession DVDs without any problem. I've tried multisession with joliet, romeo, udf1.02 and udf2.5 all with the same problem. And it happens on all kinds of computers too from custom builds to dell optiplex to toshiba portege laptops and a lenovo. So I know its THIS software.

Any advice?




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I also have experienced the same problem. I did some testing and found that it always happened when the disk had more than 2 file systems defined.  It handles 1 file system and 2 file systems okay but crashes if there were 3. 

I was actually evaluating 6? 8? different CD burner programs.  The last step was to see if they could read (import) each other's output.  Each disk had 1 or to sessions.  As I said, it crashed when any disk had more than 2 file systems (probably in the last session).  Funny thing, SunBurner (another CD burner product) had a the same problem.  Note: When I looked at the files in the CDBurnerXP folder, I noticed a SunBurner.ddl file.  My guess is that CDBurnerXP is a front end for SunBurner which actually does all the work, and that SunBurner can't handle the 3rd file system.

Note:  This was the extent of my dive into this problem. I did not check that it could handle ALL file systems.  ISO, Joliet and UDF all seemed to be okay.


I used ISOBuster to see just how many file systems were being written

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