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Program display Right to Left

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Win 10 build 15061; Acer Aspire V3; 8 GB; Intel HD Graphics 4400. All drivers are up to date.

Opened CD Burner XP and it is not reversed but it is Right to Left.

                       <<EDIT >> Update to does the same. Useable but annoying.


Backwards Burn.PNG

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Program update

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CDBurnerXP will use a right to left layout if the language selected is marked as "IsRightToLeft". Maybe check your settings just to make sure (is English really selected in the CDBurnerXP options?).

This might be a system setting, though I am unsure where to change it. The information is provided by the Microsoft .NET Framework culture info, so not under my control. Maybe try updating to the latest version of the MS .NET Framework or a repair-install.

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English is the selected language and this happened after I did a repair on Net framework 4.0xxx

I just checked and it was still R-L. I went through all of the settings and found nothing to change so I clicked on 

'Default Settings' and exited... then when I opened CDBurnerXP again it is now Left to Right.

All is good again.  :-)

Windows 10 Insider Preview 15063 (rs2_release), 16 GB, Nvidia GTX950

Thank you, RRR

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