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Is this drive ok for my CDburnerXP?

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I'm a computer dummy and don't understand computers very well.

Two days ago I downloaded CDburnerXP. I need to burn my own original music that I have in wav files and mp3 files on my desktop computer. Whenever I try to burn this music, the CDburnerXP says there's no disc present even though I have inserted a blank disc. I get the same result if I try to burn the music with Windows Media Player. CDs with music already on them can be played as normal .... I just can't burn any computer music files onto blank CDs. Today I purchased a cheap external CD burner/player to see if that solved the problem, but nope, the same problem remains.

Maybe my drive is not recognizing a blank CD when it is inserted? My computer's drive is "Teac DVD-ROM DV-28SW ATA device" device type CD-ROM drives. I'm using Windows 10, and my computer is an Optiplex 780 that I bought refurbished 2 weeks ago.

Can anyone recommend a compatible drive that I can download free from the internet, one that would definitely allow me to burn onto a blank CD ..... and one that is easy to download and not full of viruses?

Thanks for any assistance.

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Problem solved. The cheap external CD unit I bought was the answer. What I didn't do with my first attempts with the external unit, was to change the drive notated on the CDburnerXP  burning page. The external unit uses it's own, separate drive. The solution is to simply tick a box.

So, if you can play CDs on CDburnerXP but can't burn music files on CDburnerXP here's the solution ------------

(1) Buy a cheap external CDburner/player (mine cost $11)

(2) After plugging in/installing the external unit, bring up CDburnerXP on your screen and go to the audio "burn" page. Halfway down the burn page there is a sign "Remove"..... to the right of that sign you will see listed whatever drive CDburnerXP is using. Then click on the arrow next to the listed drive and it will then show the drive of the external unit. Then choose the external unit's drive.

CDburnerXP will then burn CDs.


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