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CDBurnerXP only burns one disc per session

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CDBurnerXP has been my main burning program for years. However, back in the day, I used to open CDBurnerXP and I was able to burn multiple discs before exiting the program. That was great because I mainly use CDBurnerXP to burn multiple backup discs for archive. All my computers are now running Windows 10. When I open CDBurnerXP, I can successfully burn and verify only 1 disc. If I attempt to clear the compilation and burn a second disc, I get a "Burning Error Occurred" error message and it tells me that the new disc is unusable. There is nothing wrong with the disc. If I exit and restart CDBurnerXP, it burns the disc just fine. Essentially, CDBurnerXP will only burn one disc per session and has to exited and restarted to burn each succeeding disc.

This situation occurs on my 3 Windows 10 laptops and 1 Windows 10 desktop I use. So the problem is consistent among all my home computers.

Suggestion: If this bug cannot be fixed, can you add an "After Completion" option to automatically exit CDBurnerXP (unless there was a failed verify or burning error)? I don't want to shut down my computer, but I know that I have to exit CDBurnerXP and restart it every time I want to burn a new disc. If, after burning a successful disc, CDBurnerXP would eject the disc and exit CDBurnerXP, I would save some time and effort because I have my computer to automatically run CDBurnerXP if it detects a new blank disc.

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